About Us

We deal in all kind of Refurbished Batteries, We also Repair any type of Lead acid Battery. We are Professional Manufacturer of Long Life, Long Backup Batteries for Your Motorcycle, Car, UPS, Solar Inverter, Vehicles, Forklift, Industry, Wind Turbine, Railways, Ship, Power Company and all other Heavy usages.

What we do ?

We collect good quality scrap batteries from different sources, we can also buy your old battery. After different long processes we turn scrap batteries into reusable best quality refurbished batteries.

How we do ?

We use the following latest tools and machinery for quality products, we are always in search of new technologies to enhance our work place. We always strive to sell best quality refurbished batteries to our clients.

Final Products

After long process we are able to finalize best quality and good looking products, which are liked by our clients.